24 6 / 2012

Home from a weekend away at the trailer. On the agenda for tomorrow, to undue the damage that was done over the weekend with a couple to many s’mores and waaayyyyy too many beers!!….Insanity week 3 day 1 fit test and cardio circuit and depending on how I’m feeling i may throw in cardio abs in there just cause I love that workout, and a most certain cleanse day with nothing but fruits and veggies! Looking forward to a productive week! Keep on Keepin’ on tumblr world and all my wonderful followers I <3 all of you!

11 5 / 2012

Soooo Stoked i get to see my bff today!!! Haven’t seen each-other since ringing in the new year together, it’s been way too long! can’t wait to gab about everything and anything and just catch up! No regrets for the liquid calories that i will be consuming tonight I worked hard this past week in preparation for this reunion! But on a good note I’m cooking for all of us so no fast food or gross delivery on the menu!